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1973: KISS was born. Manager Bill Aucoin discovers the band playing at a small hotel in New York's Times Square. The band was just beginning to experiment with makeup, no official costumes yet.

1974: KISS becomes an opening act for groups such as Blue Oyster Cult and Black Sabbath, but steal the show each time. KISS is love or hated, but never can be ignored. The first two Albums, KISS and Hotter Than Hell are released this year. Kiss tours towns and cities that most other bands would not even bother to go.

1975: KISS headlines for the first time, going to cities that most groups wouldn't think of going to. A sold-out show at 12,000 seat Detroit's Cobo Hall make's Detroit KISS town. By the end of the year, the KISS Army is on the march. Dressed to Kill is released, and the first hit single "Rock and Roll All Nite" is an instant hit. The album Alive follows, and it becomes KISS's first double platinum album. On New Year's Eve, KISS is greeted like conquering heroes at the massive Nassau Coliseum in New York.

1976: Sales of the three early albums surge to Gold record status. A re-release of the three in a special 3-record set, KISS-The Originals also goes Gold! KISS wins international acclaim in tours of Canada, England, Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark. More Gold and Platinum as the band tries a new format on the Destroyer album; which leads to two hit singles, "Beth" and "Detroit Rock City". The same year, the album Rock and Roll Over is released with the Hit singles, "Hard Luck Woman", "Dr. Love", and "I Want You". KISS blows up its own set and lights the skies with fireworks before a crowd of 50,000 at Anaheim Stadium.

1977: KISS returns to Madison Square Garden and sells out so fast that an extra concert at Nassau Coliseum is arranged to satisfy disappointed fans. KISS then tours Japan, where it sets attendance records surpassing the Beatles. Returning to the U.S., the band puts its energies into the creation of the Love Gun album, which goes platinum during the first week. The same year, KISS records Alive II in the L.A. Forum which also goes double platinum. Marvel Comics releases KISS #1, using their own blood in the red ink. KISS #1 becomes Marvel's #1 selling comic book in history.

1978: KISS releases the 4 solo albums. The same year Marvel releases KISS #2. KISS also releases Double Platinum The band films the TV movie "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park" at 6 Flags Magic Mountain, renting out the park and giving out tickets through the radio. Only fans that call the radio station are able to get tickets. The band gives a free concert in the parking lot in front of the Colossus Rollercoster.

1979: Kiss releases Dynasty and releases the hit "I was made for luvin you", which reached #11. Kiss goes out on the Dynasty tour, taking such effects as Gene flying around the stage, Ace's grenade launching guitar, and strobe light guitar. The tour ends up costing almost as much as what was brought in, and the tour is considered a bomb. This become the final tour for Peter Criss, who's alcohol problems keep him from giving his all to the album and tour. The Dynasty tour appeared to be more of "disco family hour, with children and parents crowding arenas to see the band, a trend the band becomes disturbed with. KISS Goes big time, KISS merchandise is everywhere, from radios, pinball machines and dolls, KISS is in everyone's home.

1980-81: Eric Carr Joins Kiss, with the public unaware at first of his joining, 1981 The album Unmasked is released, becoming one of worst selling Kiss albums in the United States. "Shandi" hits big in Australia. By the end of 1981 Kiss releases Music From the Elder, which becomes one of Kiss's worst selling albums.

1982-83: By 1982 it became evident that Ace was gone from the band. With the loss of Ace, Vinnie Vincent takes over the lead guitar job. In October of 82 Kiss releases Creatures of the Night In 1983 Kiss goes out on the 10 year comeback tour, playing to record crowds, especially at Irvine Meadows, where the band plays to a sold out crowd, with Motley Crue opening. In 1983 Kiss decides to remove the makeup for the album Lick it Up.

1984: Kiss releases Animalize and has the hit "Heaven's on fire". Kiss goes on tour and takes Queensryche as its opening act. Vinnie Vincent is replaced as guitarist, and Mark St. John comes in for the album. Mark, however,develops a swollen hand, and is replaced with Bruce Kullick, who remains Kiss' guitar player until 1996.

1985-86: In the year 1985, Kiss releases Asylum, with the hit "Tears are falling".

1987-88: In 1987 Kiss releases Crazy Nights. In 1988 Kiss releases Smashes Thrashes and Hits, which is a greatest hits CD, but contains the hit "X in Sex". In the same year Ace starts his band, Frehley's Comet and releases his first album Frehley's Comet, and His second album in 1988 Frehley's Comet: Live +1. Ace Also releases Second Sighting in 1988.

1989: Kiss releases Hot in the Shade, with the hits "Rise to it", "Hide your Heart", and "Forever". Ace releases Trouble Walkin .

1991: In 1991, it was released to the press that Eric Carr was dying of Cancer. He died in November of that year.

1992: Kiss picks a new drummer, Eric Singer, and releases the hit album Revenge. Revenge is one Kiss' hardest rock albums to date and contains the hits "Unholy", "Domino", and "God Gave Rock and Roll".

1993: Kiss releases its third live album Alive III

1994-1996: The Kiss conventions begin, Kiss memorabilia becomes as popular as Star Wars or Star Trek merchandise. In 1996, Kiss releases MTV Unplugged. Kiss decides to reunite with Ace and Peter and have a reunion tour with the "Love Gun" outfits and stage show. Kiss releases the CD You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best.

1996-97: Kiss goes on its "Alive Worldwide Tour", and it becomes one of the highest grossing concert tours in history. In 1997 Kiss releases its new line of action figures, In the fall of 1997 Kiss releases its trading cards, and other merchandise. In 1997, Ace Releases 12picks I and Loaded Deck, and Kiss Releases Carnival of Souls .
1998-99: In 1998 Kissreleases the Psycho Circus comic book and it becomes one of the more popular comic books requested in comic book stores. In the same year, Kissreleases the "Psycho Circus" action figures and the second series of Kiss trading cards. In Sept. of 1998 Kiss releases the "Psycho Circus" CD, and Begins the ambitious Kiss Psycho Circus 3D tour, with Smashing Pumpkins as its opening act. Kiss starts the tour to a sell out crowd of 50,000+ on Halloween at Dodger Stadium. Kiss is now working on KissOnline, its own internet service provider, and is in the process of producing the movie "Detroit Rock City", based on the 1976 song.

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