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Who am I?????

LASA Station Promo Pic

So Who's the Goof that Created LASA?

Born: East LA (yeah really born there)
Birthdate: July 21
High School: Franklin High School
College: UCLA, Major: BA in Adolescent Psychology
Post College: CSULA- Major: Secondary Science
Other training: NASA training, course one, United States Air Force Academy. Colorado Springs Co, 1995
NASA training, course two, United States Air Force Academy. Colorado Springs Co, 1996
NASA training, course three, U.S. Space Command, Cheyanne Mount. Summer 1999.

Work Experience

General L with Mr. Flaco

College Counselor, UCLA Rep.: 2 years. I worked with over 900 students, from East LA. Summer Dorm Counselor UCLA.

Teacher- St. Dominic School, 8 years. responsibilities: Yearbook sponsor, Academic Decathlon Coach, Science Week Chair.

Teacher- St. Philip Middle School Science Teacher:6,7,8, Academic Decathlon Coach, Science Fair Chairperson.


UCLA Employee of the Month, Sept 89
NASA Excellence Award: 1995
NASA Excellence Award: 1996
NASA Excellence Award: 1997
NASA Excellence Award: 1999
"Who's Who of American Teachers 1997"
"Who's Who of American Teachers 1998"
"Who's Who of American Teachers 2000"
"Target Excellence Scholarship 1999"
"Mayfield High School Outstanding Teacher Award 1999"
Disney's "Teacher of the Year" Nominee 1999
Johns Hopkins "Teacher Recognition Award" 1999


Roller Hockey (don't you see my fake teeth?)
Acoustic and Electric Guitar
Listening to loud music!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Collecting KISS Memororabilia
Collcting GI Joes (stop laughing!!!)
Computer Junkie
Paintball Warrior
Drinking Diet Coke and Eating Peanut M&M's

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