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(Images, content and music herein are copyrighted to and Shock Records Ltd. Distribution without written consent is prohibited.)

Shock Records is proud to present the world's first fan based tribute to Ace Frehley.

If you have a band that you feel has a lot of talent and you need exposure why not try submitting an Ace Frehley song!

All forms of musical styles are acceptable, from metal, hard rock, blues, reggae and of course just straight ahead rock and roll!

All entries will be digitized on this website and receive exposure for your band on our Ace Radio page, where 15,000 Kiss fans visit and tune in every month!

Here are the rules for contributing...


Due to the demand and popularity of this project we have extended our DEADLINE. The dead line for fan based submissions is now September 1, 1997!

DEADLINE FOR ENTRY IS September 1, 1997!

  • You must cover a song actually written by Ace Frehley himself or that is recognized as an Ace Frehley anthem. Song like 2000 Man, New York Groove are acceptable. A song that Ace co-wrote is also acceptable, so Flaming Youth, Juvenile Delinquent, Seperate and Coming Home are fine as well.

  • There are no reserved songs. However if some bands have chosen to play the same track, then a competition and vote will decide which track makes it to the CD.

  • Contributions must be a full band, not just one musician/guitarist and a drum computer. We need and expect fully mastered songs.

  • Contributions must be delivered on DAT, with full bio and information on your band. We cannot promise to return the DAT to you, but we will try.

  • All contributors agree to allow AceFrehley.Com to broadcast the material via the Internet, for fans to listen to.

Here are some of the promises we make to those who take the time to contribute their material...

  • All qualified entrants will receive printed bio's, and photos and promotionial material on this site, to help promote their band. This is regardless of whether they are elected to the final six, or make it onto the CD.

  • All qualified entrants will be digitized and placed on this web site, in both RA format and in partial WAV format. You will be welcome to link to your own material from your own sites.

  • All participants will receive a congratulatory letter and thank you from Shock Records.

Here's how you can contribute material...

  • Send whatever promotional material and information you can, as well as a DAT of the Ace Frehley songs you've covered, and a list of musicians who played on the recordings to...

    Shock Records
    500 Wall St. #1019
    Seattle, WA


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